Telling stories to our daughter Matilde each night before going to bed is something which we have got used to and enjoy greatly! We feel it is a unique moment in the day that she looks forward to and so do we. Fairy or magic tales, stories about family, friends, everything really counts when it comes to create this special moment, which we, as parents, have become very proficient 🙂

Now, creating this special moment for 20 little princesses and princes eager to hear from Matilde’s parents an entertaining story was a bit more challenging, but in the end it all went fine and we had a lot of joy!

We were amazed to see how easy it was to engage with them, their ability to follow the story in English and their genuine interest to interact with us with all questions along the way…  So, after some ‘get to know each other’ moment, we gone through “Little Red Riding Hood” story book.

Something to be mentioned that that did touch our hearts, was how they all were so kind with Tomás (Matilde’s little brother), wanting to say hello’s and kissing him.

It was fantastic and it was a great opportunity for us to experience a special moment with Matilde in her school environment.

We encourage all parents to go for it! We will be raising our hands for a second experience next semester! 🙂

Mónica, Sérgio and Tomás. ( Papás y hermano de Matilde Pacheco) 

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